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our vision

The 3 Values of Tulia

When we created Tulia, the first thing we thought about was our intention: why do we want to create a Community Guesthouse? What motivates and thrills us about this experience? It didn't take long for three shared values to emerge that we wanted to bring to life through Tulia.

Human values that are close to our hearts, both personally and on a broader social level, and that we want to bring to the fore in our own capacity in the life of coliving. 


Both inside and outside our walls; we define experience as the magic behind travel, creating memories and emotions.
Through Tulia, we aim to create moments that are simple yet unique, so that our guests have a local, dynamic and profound experience of their stay with us.


More than ever, we need to connect. With humans in general spending long periods of their days in front of a screen, we want to offer our guests the chance to connect:
with themselves, with nature, and
of course, with others.


Whether it's our living space, our personal space or our community space, we want to create a healthy, safe, happy and balanced place for everybody.

The Concept

Tulia Guesthouse is a place where everybody can feel at home, wether you are solo travellers, couples, remote workers, families, artists, etc.

We respect the realities of each of our guests and we are aware that we all must be flexible in the way we approach community, through balance and shared values.

We know how much energy it takes to live in community, and we are here to guide everybody to have a unique experience during their stay with us!

A stay at our

Community Guesthouse...

allows you to feel independant and to enjoy your privacy as each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a living area.

gives you time and space to find your pace: wether you are traveling and discovering the island, you are working remotely and need a fixed schedule, you want to enjoy time with your family or you are an artist in need of inspiration.

offers you the opportunity to share beyond the everyday life: to meet, connect and bond with people from the guesthouse and outside, through meaningful activities and events.

encourages you to co-create our weekly activities, and take initiative in engaging yourself with the community.

invites you to celebrate an active and connected lifestyle: at the heart of our initiative, we want to give you as many opportunities as possible to get active, to go out, to be in nature and connect with your environment - and yourself.

What it is not

Tulia is not a Coliving, a Hotel or a Hostel - it is a Community Guesthouse

Our guests are not only nomads or remote workers

We don't offer daily breakfast; we share Community Brunch from time to time

We don't organize daily activities but we share 1 to 3 weekly moments

We don't have a fixed schedule; flexibility & spontaneity are the key

A stay with us is for you if...

You are a digital nomad/remote worker looking for a place where you can meet people and get active while having time for your work and yourself

You are a traveler searching to discover the island and connect with people from around the world

You are a couple or a family looking for a stay with a good balance between social moments and me/us-time

You are an artist looking for an inspiring place to create

You are curious and want to experience for the first time how living in a shared space feels

You want to experience the local side of Tenerife while sharing meaningful times with like-minded people

You are looking for a stay that allows you to find comfort and independence

For you, the experience and memories created have a big importance in where you stay

You resonate with what we share through our website

It may not be for you if...

You are looking for a Coliving space

You are looking for a Hotel or Hostel vibes

You are looking for a place with fixed activities

You are looking for a long-term community of people staying at the same place

You are looking to connect only with nomads/remote workers

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