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Tenerife &
Los Realejos
For us, Tenerife represents the passion of the Teide volcano that oversees the island, the wisdom of the mystical forests of Anaga, the power of the ocean and the sweetness of life.
Los Realejos takes pride in conserving their traditional and cultural values, and is considered one of the most festivity municipalities in Spain - this vibrant town has nearly 80 celebrations and festivities every year
Nestled in Canaries, islands of Eternal Spring, Tenerife unveils a tapestry of natural wonders that captivate the soul. The island's northern region is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, boasting an array of enchanting landscapes and unique gems waiting to be explored. We discovered Tenerife in October 2021 - it's also where we met, giving the island a special attachment for us. Beyond our history, Tenerife is, in our eyes, a truly exceptional place. 

It's a feeling that's hard to explain, so we invite you to experience it for yourself! In a few words, if we had to describe Tenerife, we'd say that it's above all its diversity that struck us from the outset. Here, the air is fresh, the sun is present and warm all year round, fruit and vegetables are abundant, colorful and delicious, and life takes on a joyful rhythm, deeply connected to the environment around us. 

n a single day, it's easy to go hiking at the foot of Teide in the morning, eat by the ocean at lunchtime, find a natural volcanic pool to swim in in the afternoon and party in the evening - if the energy is there! 

With a growing Community of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, the North is the ideal place for solo travelers, couples and families. Historic cities, charming towns and so many natural attractions will leave you with plenty of choice to fill up your free time and make it meaningful. Discover the vibrant and popular resort town of Puerto de la Cruz, or the island’s capital, Santa Cruz, or explore Tenerife’s historic capital city, San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Not to forget towns such as Icod de Los Vinos, Garachico and its natural pools or La Orotava with its rich history and architecture. Or choose to step away from city life and connect with nature during a hike up El Teide in the National Park and take a deep breath in the beautiful Anaga rainforest or around Masca.

Whatever your preference, we know you will find your place in the North.

Los Realejos

If you are looking for an adventure you will be truly satisfied as Los Realejos is a paradise for the practice of sports and nature contact due to the diversity in natural spaces and coastal areas all united by the perfect climatic conditions. Wake up to panoramic views, immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, and explore hidden treasures waiting just beyond your doorstep.

Near Tulia Community Guesthouse you will find:
Center of Los Realejos
Puerto de la Cruz
La Orotava
Scuba diving
Several gyms
& CrossFit in town
Dance classes
by the doorstep

Some of our Favorite Spots

Better than words, here are some of our favorite places on Tenerife in pictures. Our guests receive a personalized guide and map of the island, made with love by us.

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