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Community Guesthouse

Los Realejos

Tenerife North


Welcome to Tulia
Community Guesthouse!

At Tulia, we invite you to immerse yourself in the local life of Tenerife while embracing its abundant nature. We welcome digital nomads, remote workers and travelers to live in this part of the island, which has preserved its culture and authenticity, while being close to unique natural places. An ode to a lifestyle where movement, connection and joy are celebrated!
Discover this magical place located in a 17th-century authentic Canarian house in the heart of Los Realejos in Tenerife North! Born of a common dream to bring together community, movement, travel and remote working, Tulia Community Guesthouse offers you the chance to enjoy a rhythm of your own, close to the ocean, the forest and the volcano El Teide, while enjoying the dynamism of the effervescent local & nomadic communities just a few steps away.
The Place
explore · work · share
What is included
3 private apartments · 2 shared apartments · interior courtyard · garden · rooftop terrace · shared library · indoor swimming pool · fast & reliable internet · weekly cleaning · tea, coffee & fresh local fruits · coworking space with extra screens and comfortable settings
Beyond providing a physical place where everyone can feel comfortable and inspired, we want to create that authentic community spirit that will follow you long after you've stayed with us. That being said, Your time at Tulia will be punctuated with weekly activities and events for the body, mind & soul.
For us, Tenerife represents the passion of the Teide volcano that oversees the island, the wisdom of the mystical forests of Anaga, the power of the ocean and the sweetness of life. Since we discovered it in October 2021, this island has left its unique mark on our hearts.

Los Realejos takes pride in conserving their traditional and cultural values, and is considered one of the most festivity municipalities in Spain - this vibrant town has nearly 80 celebrations and festivities every year. If you are looking for an adventure you will be truly satisfied as Los Realejos is a paradise for the practice of sports and nature contact due to the diversity in natural spaces and coastal areas all united by the perfect climatic conditions.
& Los Realejos
(n.) a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.
In 3 words
experience · connection · space
After years of living abroad and traveling, we returned to Tenerife to rethink our definition of place of belonging and home. Over our experiences, we both have come to realize that what makes us feel most at home are the people around us, our community.

For us, community regroups actually three communities that we want to bring together:

The Guesthouse's community, like a big family
The island's nomadic community, festive, active and diverse
The local community, in Los Realejos and among the Tenerife initiatives with which we want to collaborate and create together
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