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Salome & Cesare


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What led us
to create

We met in Tenerife in October 2021. Since then, and being both passionate about traveling, meeting people and creating human experiences, we have lived and collaborated with many colivings across Europe: the Azores, Sicily, France, Cyprus, Bulgaria, etc.


After more than two years, we thought of going back to Tenerife, where it all started, to create a home on this island that is very dear to our hearts. The multitude and richness of our experiences and the good times of our stay here gave us the impulse to create a community guesthouse for travellers, digital nomads & remote workers; this is how Tulia was born!



A yoga teacher, communications specialist and event planner, Salomé has used her many passions to work with colivings, whether teaching yoga classes, sharing her expertise in marketing and social networking, hosting, creating Coliving pop-up or a little of all of the above.

This multitude of experiences has enabled her to explore closely the diverse realities of community life. Originally from France, Salomé cultivates a passion for travel since childhood; she lived in Montreal for four years while traveling in North and South America before becoming a nomad, and has been evolving in the arts field for over six years, nourishing her artistic spirit and love for creativity.

She continues to work remotely for a Montreal dance company - testing and approving this nomadic lifestyle! She's always on hand to bring the community to life, teach a yoga class, suggest a hike or other activity and make everyone's experience an unforgettable one.


Originally from Italy, Cesare is an engineer for a company in Finland and the co-founder of Tulia Community Guesthouse together with Salomé.


Curious, passionate about everything to do with manual crafts and eager to meet people from all over the world, Cesare discovered the nomadic lifestyle during the pandemic at the same time as Salomé.


He always has a thousand ideas in mind to enrich guests' experiences and make our guesthouse a place to explore, live and share that's as pleasant as it is functional.

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